Of prices and new paradigms, some questions

Daniel Bickley (dbickley@uclink.berkeley.edu)
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 17:52:56 -0800

I read with interest Philip Fryer's comments (see "Gary, you are always so
gracious...") regarding distribution, pricing, etc. and I have several
questions regarding them.

Philip: since I know for a fact that you can be every bit as gracious as
Gary Handman (at least when you try:-), I hope that you'll be willing to
take the time and trouble to respond.

1. Can you elaborate on the "paradigm shift" you see coming in the
nontheatrical video market in the next few years? You cite factors related
to new formats and the Web, and I wonder how you envision this?

2. (Perhaps this is the same question as above...) You mention that new
strategies for distribution of independent productions are needed. Can you
mention any current strategies that you know of that might point in the
direction of the new strategies you have in mind? If not, can you elaborate
on the kinds of new distribution strategies you believe would be

3. You mention that "a few distributors have done very, very well." Can you
cite the examples you have in mind?

4. You say that: "We can see that the successful video/film companies have
slick marketing departments. They are to be commended for their promotion
strategies." Again, could you cite a few examples of what you have in

Philip, I'm not trying to single you out for scrutiny or criticism (or
praise either, for that matter), it's just that I found your comments
(along with Gary Handman's) among the most intriguing in this discussion so
far and I felt that I (and everyone else on the list) might learn some
highly useful pointers from your answers and have some additional avenues
for profitable discussion.

For those of you who don't know me, first and foremost I'm a distributor of
independent film and video productions, but secondarily I'm also a buyer
for one of the few remaining university rental libraries. I wear both hats
and I guess that makes me a two-headed dinosaur headed for imminent
extinction on both fronts...

Best to Philip and to everyone else on the list.

Dan Bickley

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