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Fri, 5 Apr 1996 09:54:52 -0500 (EST)

More tapes on Knute Rockne, from OCLC WorldCat. (I feel this is my
responsibility because he's a Hoosier legend...:-))

_The Story of Knute Rockne_. Chicago: Questar Video, 1991. 55 minutes.
>From the series Famous Americans of the 20th Century. Narrated by Pat
O'Brien. OCLC #30420609.
Video biography of Knute Rockne. Under Rockne, who coached
football a Notre Dame, the university skyrocketed to national prominence
by upsetting stronger, more established football powers. His locker room
exhortations became football lore ("win one for the Gipper," 1930 Army
vs. Notre Dame), but his real renown rested on his ability to find and
make fine football players.

_Knute Rockne: A Coach for All Seasons_. Van Nuys, CA: AIMS Media,
1987. 24 minutes. Narrated by Cliff Robertson. OCLC #25670535.
Presents biographical profile of Knute Rockne.

There were others but these were the most recent.

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