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Thu, 4 Apr 1996 18:07:28 -0500

The two tiered pricing you wrote about is a very sensitive issue. Many
distributors feel that institutions should pay more than individuals, but
there is no legal ( ie. copyright) justification for this if the
institution is useing the tape for individual (patron ) use or regular
classroom screenings. Public Performance rights have NOTHING TO DO WITH
MONEY, though this a common misconception. They are needed if an
institution programs the film to ANY PUBLIC AUDIENCE. In other words if a
college group wants to show a tape for Black history month or a library
wants to screen a film for their patrons they would need Public Performance
Rights. The majority of libraries do not need these rights and should not
have to pay for them, however I am tired of some person or orginization
saying they do not want to pay for Public Performance Rights because " they
are not charging admission". Any public screening would require a licence,
but again most university and public libraries do not use their collections
for these screenings.

If you encounter the two tiered pricing, remember that unless you need
the Public Performance Rights you should not have to pay for them. You can
always try ordering the tapes as an individual since any legally obtained
tape can be used by the library.

Best of luck

Jessica Rosner

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