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Thu, 4 Apr 1996 09:44:36 -0800 (PST)


Having come to the conversation late, I have to agree with Ralph, Kris,
and Susan. The marketplace is very slow to catch up with the realities of
the market. I've seen some real improvement in the policies of some
companies (because librarians are making their concerns known), but the
same old baloney from others. As a reviewer, I see a lot of price abuse
and it literally ranges all across the board. Yesterday, I received a
copy of "In a Split Second" from AIMS Media. Priced at $195, the program
is a garden-variety emergency/first aid video that we reviewed from
Goldhil Media for $19.95 in January of last year. Obviously, this is the
kind of thing that a) ticks librarians off, and b) makes them cautious
about purchasing videos with higher prices. Direct Cinema, to name
another company, is currently selling "The Shadow of Hate" for $95 to
public libraries; we listed it as a free video two years ago, available
from the Teaching Tolerance project (they were, at least up until
recently, selling the program for $25). The solution is, I agree with
Susan, education; that and the cross-talk that occurs on the listserv
here which allows us to air our concerns and forewarn our colleagues.

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