Ralph Huntzinger (
Wed, 3 Apr 1996 18:55:08 -0800 (PST)

Price gouging !!!!! ---> when there is a two tier structure. The
marketplace will go around that antiquated structure eventually.
Public performance and public display are not cummulative
concepts. Accessing information on the net, maybe another discussion.

The mediation approach we attempt is noting that a respected social
entity in the community is promoting the tape's availability. We are not
displacing sales, instead we may be advancing them. If someone enjoys the
tape they will purchase a copy for themselves; if they do not enjoy the
tape, there never was a sale to that person anyway. The hard cold fact
from KCLS' viewpoint is "we rarely buy at the institution price"; they
have lost a sale and a potential future customer. (We mutter choice words
about a company that does not understand the realities of the
marketplace). In the real marketplace, soon there is another jobber who
can purchase the tape and resell it to anyone, including us. (I hear
tell, it is nice when a friends' group purchases items and donates them to
the library.)

On the other hand, educational producers often provide value added
benefits when we do pay a "LITTLE BIT" more; benefits like "at cost"
replacement copies, volume discount, quality control, current humorous
stories that we can use to liven up conversations, a friendly phone call
several times a year, listening to our concerns and making tapes
available, etc.

I'm pleased the point was added about purchasing performance rights are
required in some situations. It is professional to wisely spend the
public's money and not purchase rights we do not require; but as important
to keep the ethic and wisely spend the public's money to obtain rights we
do require.

So, who and what title?

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