Lloyd Jansen: Kinks Fan (JANSEL02@STOCKTON.LIB.CA.US)
Wed, 3 Apr 1996 10:54:52 -0800 (PST)

Many thanks to Rebecca Locke-Gagnon and Jessica Rosner for replying to
my query about adding donated review videos to our collection. The key
to this issue seems to be whether the review tapes of television programs
are considered "off-air recordings." In a check of a couple copyright
guides for librarians I could not find anything that specifically deals
with review videos such as this, but I agree with Jessica that these
tapes would most likely be considered "off-air recordings," despite
the fact that they are distributed by the television stations themselves.
Janis H. Bruwelheide's "Copyright Primer for Librarians and Educators,"
2nd ed. (1995) clearly states that off-air recordings cannot be added
to a library collection unless it is a news program. So, I think we
are going to have to take Rebecca's recommendation and use these tapes
as freebies for the staff.
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