A Reminder

Gary Handman ((no email))
Wed, 3 Apr 1996 08:35:11 -0800

Hello, all. This is just one of my several periodic reminders regarding the
uses of videolib and videonews.

Videolib is intended as a discussion forum and problem solving resource for
folks involved in collecting and using media in libraries and educational
institutions. Generally, unsolicited commercial announcements are not encour-
aged (actually, they're frowned upon) on videolib. Responses to specific
inquiries regarding material availability is probably OK.

Videonews is intended as a new video product/service announcement resource.
It's here that vendors, producers, and other video hawkers can hawk till their
hearts' content...

If subscribers have questions regarding the policies or procedures for either
of these lists, they can contact me directly at ghandman@library.berkeley.edu

Regards to all! Keep those cards and letters coming in!

Gary Handman
List Manager
Media Resources Center
UC Berkeley