Re: Films videos on Black Spirituality
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 17:28:01 -0500

Dear Lorna,

The Cinema Guild distributes 5 films that deal with religion in the African
Diaspora that may be of interest to you. Following are short descriptions of
them. If you have any further questions please feel free to fax, phone or
email me at the numbers listed below.


Examines the Yuroba cult of Orisha, brought to tthe "New World" by black
slaves, and which survives to this day in areas such as cuba and Brazil. By
showing the initiation of a group of women into ta temple(Iawo is the name
for new prietesses), the film offers a deeper examination of the religion,
it's ideology and social meaning.

Directed by Geraldo Sarno
1978, color, 40 mins. 16mm film/video
Portuguese with english subtitles
Purchase: 16mm$550/Video $295
Rental: $55


This docu-drama portrays the selection and life-long education of an Inyanga,
an African healer who dispenses traditional herbal remedies. The film
examines the preparation and use of traditional medicines, the diagnosis and
treatment of paitents, and the metaphysics and cosmology of African beliefs
regarding the powers of the Inyanga.

Directed by Sith Yela
1991, color, 27 mins., video
Purchase: $250 Rental: $50


Examines the centuries -old tradition in Puerto Rico of using hand-carved
santos in Catholic religious practices. The film visits an elderly santero
(carver) and his teenage, apprentice, revealing the skill and artistry of
this ancient craft, discusses the importance of the saints in the lives of
the faithful, and shows the growing value of antique santos to are

Directed by Rebecca Marvil
1992, color, 28 mins., video
Purchase: $250 Rental $50


This musi and dance spectacular is set amidst Carnival in Rio and dramatizes
the legend of geneisi according to Yuruba mythlogy. Sung and danced by
members of the award-winning Beija Flor Samba School, this is a pulsating
filmic collage of music, color, song and dance.

Directed by Vera de Figueiredo
1978, Color, 60 mins., 35mm film/video
Portuguese with english subtitles
Purchase:$350(video) Rental: $95


This first Cuban musical transposes two characters from Yuruba mythology into
present-day Havanna, pitting the charming, sexy Shango, the Yuruba god of
thunder (her an irresistible bully who lives off of his wife) against the
earnest, hard-working Ogun( in this version a machinist at a nearby farming
collective) in a comic/heroic battle of wits.

Directed by Manuel Octavio Gomez
1983, Color, 108 mins. 35mm film
Spanish dialog with English subtitles
Rental Only: $150

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