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Sun, 31 Mar 1996 16:08:52 -0500

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>Does anyone know where I can find (relatively inexpensive - I know asking
>the impossible) videos on Dyslexia.

Other than the one listing we offer in "The Guide to Special Interest Videos"
on learning disorders that was too general for your patron, may I suggest
"The Gift Of Dyslexia."

It is an AUDIO tape cassette set with book that I found on the Internet
awhile back, and ordered directly from their net page. Vide-O-Go does NOT
distribute the set, but it is available for your patron's direct acquisition.
Here's the scoop...

Copyright 1994 by Robal D. Davis
Library Of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data:
Davis, Ronald D. (Ronald Dell), 1942-
The Gift Of Dyslexia: Why Some Of The Smartest People Can't Read And How They
Can Learn
ISBN 0-929551-23-0 (pbk.)
ISBN 0-929551-24-9 (book plus ausio cassette set)

Hope this helps! Wishing you continued success...

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