Re: Interfiling Video - discussion
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 08:21:24 -0800 (PST)

I really like Deg Farrelly's(Ariz State U) take on interfiling.
he raises really sensible points. I'm an anti-interfiling person
myself. If we ask our library users how they perceive the collection
and how they use it, the great majority would opt for separate
shelving for AV. Even at the post-secondary level the person who
wants a video prefers to be able to go to the video shelves, and
at this level, professors and instructional staff find it much
quicker to find what they need. Also the lowly media booker, like
myself, can find what is needed more easily than if we had to go
up into a large collection and fight all the misshelving that happens
over the course of a busy semester. By this time of the year, the place
is a mess and it is going to take a month or so of shelfreading before
we can be sure that everything is back where it ought to be. The place
for interfiling is maybe the very small library, but in a big one, it
would be a nightmare. Rose Delap

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