RE: Multimedia/Film/Audiovisual Librarianship

Wed, 27 Mar 1996 07:36:26 PST

At Eugene Public Library (Oregon) we do not have a multi-media etc librarian.
One adult services librarian selects the videos we buy from a special fund each
year, but all librarians can choose to buy videos rather than books in their
selection areas. One librarian chooses the Talking Books as well as the print
fiction. The youth services librarians choose a wider variety of A/V materials.
I, as acquisitions person, do the actual purchasing of all the materials,
whether print or nonprint. I also do the copy cataloging of all A/V except the
compact discs. Another copy cataloger does the compact discs. Neither of us
are librarians, although I am working on my MLS. We have one MLS cataloger in
the Tech Services dept. who does any necessary original cataloging, print and
non-print, as well as various supervisory duties.

Basically, we treat A/V materials more or less the same way we treat other
materials, except for the fact that they are generally a little more labor-
intensive all along the way, since they are less routine. If we had a
librarian who had specialized in A/V, probably more of the selection would
evolve to that person, and I would go to her for advice on difficult items
occasionally, but in our current configuration, the person would be hired
for other skills, such as reference desk skills, rather than A/V skills.

Bonnie Hirsch
Eugene Public Library