Re: Multimedia/Film/Audiovisual Librarianship -Reply

Susan Sloan (
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 14:08:31 -0500

One Media Services Librarian's history, or, "How I got into this business."
As a newly hatched BA in Art History, I got out of school and landed a
part-time job in an art slide/photo library (the Clark Art Institute, in
Williamstown, MA - a beautiful place). This environment taught me quite
a lot about library work, and I decided to go back to school for an MLS,
specializing in courses (this is in 1975) in non-book materials. Well, I
hooked up with Bill Katz, and had a fine old time learning about almost
everything EXCEPT monographs. But there were no courses in media
librarianship - we thought OCLC was a cool new toy! After graduating, I
took other library jobs, always trying to use my art (it's never let me
down) and twisted view of "all those other things," and made my way
through the equipment learning curves and started feeling confident that
this was my niche. I think it's more important to have the right attitude
about how technology and various ways of accessing information
interrelate than taking completely specialized courses in any one type of
"librarianship" (but no education is ever a waste of time: mine is the
holistic view). I ended up becoming a recording engineer and video
producer, and who knows where media will take me next? I Iove it. So
go for it! None of us got here the same way.

Sue Sloan
Media Services Librarian
St. Mary's College of Maryland