The Movies Under Our Skin

Gary Handman ((no email))
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 09:07:59 -0800 case your day isn't going strangely enough, I pass the following on
to you...

Gary Handman
UC Berkeley

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Now here's a Web site I could not have predicted.


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Subject: Innovative site
Author: Vail Reese <vcr@itsa.ucsf.EDU>
Date: 3/24/96 11:37 PM

Greetings--as a Dermatologist and a film buff, I find your site elegant and
informative. I have just established a site of my own:
Dermatology in the cinema. By bridging the
gap between medicine and entertainment, I hope to elighten people who
might not otherwise be aware of dermatologic problems or issues. Let me
know what you think.--Vail Reese, MD