Million Man March video

deg farrelly (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 16:58:37 -0700 (MST)

Suzanne Johnson writes:

>I'm new to the list but I heard a rumor that a video was discussed
>here a few months back. Could someone send me the ordering info?

CNN has (had?) available a compilation tape of the March.
I do not know if they are still making it available. The folks
at CNN are very helpful.

Here is the information on CNN from Corinne Smith's "I Saw It on TV:
Guide to Broadcast Sources"

CABLE NEWS NETWORK (CNN), One CNN Center, P O Box 105366,
Atlanta GA 30348; telephone (800) 344-6219 for CNN Multi-Media.
Public information (comments, suggestions, info requests) should be
directed to (404) 827-1500. Inquiries for purchase information of CNN
programs should be directed to (404) 827-1335. Information about the
CNN VideoLink program can be acquired by writing to CNN VideoLink
Education Director, 3565 Evans Rd, Atlanta GA 30340, or by calling
(800) 367-3170 or (404) 493-1115. CNN News Chronolog and Science
Chronolog are each available for $239 each for a one-year (12 issue)
subscription; call Bob Moore at (800) 742-1096 for more information.
"Travel Guide" videos are available by calling (212) 564-2887.

Hope this information helps. Please let me know if I can be of
further assistance.


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