Re: Spoken Word CDs

Nancy Miller (
Sat, 16 Mar 96 11:10:23 EST

According to Kristine R. Brancolini:
> I would like to replace our spoken-word audiocassette collection with
> CDs. I've been exploring companies that are releasing plays, speeches,
> etc. on compact disc and not finding much. Are any of you buying this
> kind of CD? Could you recommend some sources? Thanks!
> I know this isn't video, but you guys have all the answers :-).
> Kristine Brancolini
> Indiana University Libraries


I am responsible for purchasing spoken word for the Va. Beach
PL. While most of the major companies like Recorded Books and
Books on Tape have had the capacity to release their titles on
CD, they haven't done this yet. The primary reason, as I
understand it, is that the biggest market for audio books is
comuters. Most people still have cassette players in their
cars. When more people have CD players, then more CD's of
spoken word will be available.

Dove audio is the only company I am aware of that has produced
any of their titles on CD and it's very limited.

Nancy Miller
Collection Management Librarian
Virginia Beach Public Library
Virginia Beach, Va.