Warlpiri Media Association/Two Laws

William Stinson (bstinson@laurel.ocs.mq.edu.au)
Sat, 16 Mar 1996 14:02:25 +1100 (EST)


The video 'Two Laws' is available from the Australian Film Institute for
A$150.00. Their address is:

Australian Film Institute
49 Eastern Road
South Melbourne
Vic 3205

ph: 61 3 6961844
fax: 61 3 6967972

They also have a web site at http://vicnet.net.au/vicnet/afi/afiho.htm

'Two Laws' is a single documentary by Carolyn Strachan and Alessandro
Cavadini. At the time of its release in the 1981 there was much
discussion on the significance of the Aboriginal women's preference for
using wide-angle lenses and how this reflected their attitude and
perception about the Australian landscape.

I couldn't see any reference to the 'Warlpiri Media Association'. The
Warlpiri's traditional lands are in the Northern Territory, north west of
Alice Springs on the other side of the Macdonnell Ranges. Warlpiri is
also spelt Walbiri. Contact either the Central Australian Media
Association (CAMA) in Alice Springs or the Australian Institute of
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). They should be
able to help put you in contact, or may have themselves what you are after.

Their addresses are:

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
GPO Box Box 553
ACT 2601

ph: 61 6 2461111
fax: 61 6 2497310

I think they have a web site now. I can supply an email address if you
require one.

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association
PO Box 2924
Alice Springs
NT 0871

ph: 61 89 529205
fax: 61 89 529212

There are various videos on the Warlpiri such as 'Ways of Thinking'
distributed by Ronin Films, (PO Box 1005, Civic Square, ACT 2608,
fax: 61 6 491640, ph: 61 6 2480851) and Walbiri Fire Ceremony,
distributed by AIATSIS. The AFI and Ronin should have distributors in the
US for some of their titles.


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