Re: Spoken Word CDs

Fri, 15 Mar 1996 16:21:02 -0500 (EST)

We had a big "yard sale" acouple of years ago and sold about 2000 lps.
People have been giving us lps for years, and we will keep trying to sell
them as part of the popular library book sale fundraiser, as long as
people keep on buying them. Even if we have to sell them for the bagful.
When we made the decision to deaccession the lps and convert to
CDs, I went through 3000 lps and tried to pull out all the spoken word,
Folkways, and other things that I though unlikely to be reissued on CD.
(We don't collect cassettes.) So I saved about 150 LPs, which is
all that is left on the shelf.
BTW, if anyone is a serious lp collector, we still have thousands
of gift items, and many are in pristine or excellent condition, and
I'll try to notify you of our next sale, if you provide me with your address.