Re: Spoken Word CDs

Kristine R. Brancolini (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 13:31:22 -0500 (EST)

We seem to be in the same situation as David, except that we are trying
to replace audiocassettes not LPs. Just today I received in the mail a
list of new releases from HarperAudio. It lists Shakespeare's _Sonnets_,
_Julius Caesar_, _A Midsummer Night's Dream_, _Macbeth_, _Much Ado About
Nothing_, and _As You Like It_ on CD. It also lists _The
Iliad_,_Beowulf_, about 20 Shakespeare plays, and poetry by Keats, Byron,
and Shelley on audiocassette. These are the old Caedmon recordings.

I'm not concerned about our users owning CD players. We offer playback
here for those who do not have equipment. And I think most people have a
CD player by now.

Thanks for the suggestions about Rhino. I suspected that the situation
is bad. I'm hoping that companies like HarperAudio will continue to
release their classic recordings little by little on CD. Maybe if we all
buy what they have, they will speed up the process!

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries