Opening Up This Can of Worms Again - Copyrigh

Wed, 13 Mar 1996 10:41:21 PST

I am in possession of a little guide called: "A Viewer's Guide to Copyright
Law: What Every School, College and Public Library Should Know." 1987,
A.I.M.E. principle author, Ivan Bender. I use this guide to try and
make faculty understand copyright and fair use with regard to videos
and video duplicating. My mission this summer is to put together a
clear, consise, interpretation AND library policy regarding these
issues. I'll be trying to pre-answer all the "yes, buts." To this
end, I need to know if anybody is using anything newer than this
pamphlet and/or if there have been any substantive changes in the
copyright law interpretation since 1987. I know there are changes
being studied currently, in view of Distance Education needs, but
I don't believe the laws have been modified yet. Help please. Thanks
Judy Jones, 916/278-7302, CSUS, Library Media Center, 2000 Jed Smith
Drive, Sacramento, CA 95819. e-mail"