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On March 11 you wrote the following.

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> Susan,
> We recently reviewed a title called "On the Road With Duke
> Ellington"--but it was made in 1980 and isn't a "Great Performance"
> title. It is available from Direct Cinema (800-525-0000). By the way,
> it's not everyday day you see a Rush (the rock group, not the jerk) quote
> in a signature line.
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Thanks for the suggestion. After doing a little more research, it
turns out that the program our faculty member wanted was NOT an
episode of "Great Performances" but rather two episodes of "American
Masters," which are NOT available for home distribution. Thus,
alternative suggestions such as yours may well come in handy! By the
way, it's not everyday that you run across someone who knows who
Geddy Lee is! Thanks again.

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