Re: Usual Suspects, Desperado videos
Fri, 8 Mar 1996 16:38:42 -0500

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>> Would anyone know of vendors that would have these titles at a reasonable
>> cost?
>> Thanks-
>> Pamela Weishaupt
>> Instructional Materials Center
>> Goshen College
>> Goshen, In 46526

Try calling Midwest Tape Exchange 1-800-875-2785. They sell used tapes of
movies that have been priced for rental, such as the two you mention, for
29.95 usually 60 days after their release. To ease your fears, we've used
them for years and have rarely had a problem with defective tapes and on the
few occasions when we did there was no problem returning them.

Charles Ebert
Head, Audio-Visual Services
Muskingum County Library System
Zanesville, OH