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Harold David Rennie (
Thu, 7 Mar 1996 11:20:21 -0400

On Wed, 6 Mar 1996, nanna wrote:

> There is a 2.5 hour video entitled "You are what you were when you
> were 10 years old". The original 16mm film may have been shorter.

Is it possible that the film you have in mind is "What You Are Is What
You Were When" ?
89 min 12 sec 1976

"A filmed lecture in two parts presenting a behaviorist analysis of the
values formed in different age segments of the American population by
considering events and trends occurring betwen the 1920's and the
1970's. The lecturer is Morris Massey of the University of Colorado.
The film aims to give employers an understanding of their twenty- and
thirty- year old employees [as of 1976], their values and attitudes."

If this is the film you're thinking of, then your other questions:

> What is the name of the person who made this film?
I don't know the director, but it was commissioned by NFB to Magnetic
Video Corporation for Labour Canada

> Is there a shorter video version?
> Is there an updated version?

Don't know the question to either one of these. The NFB used to rent the
16 mm copy, but our catalogue indicates "For purchase, contact
Internatioanl Telefilm Enterprises". They might distribute the video, or
know of an updated version. Their address is 5090 Explorer Drive, Ste.
301, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4W 4T9, Tel: (905) 629-3133; Fax:
(905) 629-1211. I am willing to bet that there is a separate
American distributor, but International Telefilm should be able to tell
you that.

If this is not the same film, then my apologies for taking up e-mail
space. However, the title and the running time suggest that this is what
you're looking for.

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