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> I am looking for two titles
> 1-The Butter Cream Gang a children's series
> 2-Deliberate Stranger - The Ted Bundy made for TV movie
> By the way it was nice that Newt could take the time and E-Mail all of us, now
> if we could only get him to stop wearing that Book tie. I haven't been able to
> put mine on since I saw him wearing his.
> Thanks
> Joel Jones
> Kansas City P.L.
"The Butter Cream Gang" is part of an 8-volume series of children's
videos promoted as having " profanity, obscenity, or graphic
violence to mar the moment for families". (I am not making this up!)

We purchased the set from: Feature Films for Families
P.O. Box 57830
Murray, UT 84157
800-326-4590 (phone)
801-268-8616 (fax)

Kathy Olsen
Broward County Library
Ft. Lauderdale, FL