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Mon, 4 Mar 1996 06:40:43 -0800

Baker & Taylor Video (for libraries) and Sony Classical Film and Video
(for retail market) are handling the new Composers Specials (of which
"Beethoven Lives Upstairs") is the first. "Bach's Fight for Freedom" and
"Bizet's Dream" have been released; "Liszet's Rhapsody" and "Strauss: The
King of 3/4 Time" are the newest. They are all great. BOOKLIST gives them
a starred review in a Voice-over feature in the March 1, 1996 issue.

Irene Wood

>Does anyone know where BMG or BMG Music or BMG Music Video is? I found their
>phone number and address in the Video Source Book as a supplier of "Beethoven
>Lives Upstairs". The phone number is incorrect (I've been having a lot of
>trouble lately with this problem!). I don't want to take a chance that the
>address is also incorrect and send a purchase order there. If no one knows
>about this vendor, does anyone know where I might acquire this program? Also,
>I understand that there are other "companion pieces," so to speak, Mr. Bach
>Comes to Call (or something like) and a program about Mozart. Any clues. My
>reference sources don't give me this info. Thanks in advance.
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