Color of Fear

Kristine Brancolini, 812/855-3710 (
Mon, 19 Feb 96 17:07:05 EWT

Is anyone willing to lend a professor here at IU _The Color of Fear_?
He would only keep it for the time needed to show it in class. Ordinarily,
I would just buy it, but I am annoyed the distributor is charging
educational institutions $450 and individuals $225. Plus, for $450 we
don't even receive public performance rights! Quotation from flyer:
"All productions are for [bold] private use only [end bold]; not for public
exhibition." This is highway robbery and just why we need interlibrary
loan of videotapes... Anyone willing to help? I'll take good care of your
tape and return it promptly. Thanks.

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries