Re: Closed circuit tv systems, now "home use only"

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Fri, 16 Feb 1996 14:54:19 -0500

I will try to be on my best behavior about this. Actually I am suprised
at the number of media librarians ( mainly at the high school & grammer
school level)who are scared off by these " home use only " labels. Just
today a HS that purchased one of our titles from a vendor wanted to know if
was it had " educational rights" We are getting more written requests for
these mythical " educational rights" on our orders. Like " Home Use Only "
this term has no legal meaning. Any legally obtained tape can be used in a
regular class under the "face to face teaching exemption".

The labeling issue is a problem which my company must plead guilt too. All
our commercially released titles come with the standard FBI private use
only warning on both the box and the tape. It would be too exspensive to
print up special copies when we do indeed sell a library a Public
Performance Rights copy. I mark it on their invoice.

One last word on the issue of Campus Cable screenings. I am not trying to
be nasty, just cautious. Many of the films commonly used in classes are
difficult to impossible to clear the rights on since they belong to a huge
number of companies and individuals, many of whom are overseas. Unless
professors drastically change their sylibus to ajust to available rights, I
don't think it is feasible. I do not want to be the one to tell them they

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