Re: Closed circuit tv systems

Fri, 16 Feb 1996 8:40:03 -0500 (EST)

Everyone, please refrain from personal diatribes on this list.
No need to take offense so easily. I welcome all positive contributions
to the list, and usually just delete messages I'm not interested in.
All of us have legitimate concerns in this business: By all I mean
Producers, distributors, teachers, librarians, technicians, budget planners,
media directors, and so on.
Naturally our points of view are often at variance.
What seems like a legitimate need to one seems like a copyright
transgression to another.
A large, well-financed school can obviously better afford a closed-
circuit distribution system than a smaller, poorer one can.
We all have an obligation to operate under pertinent laws.
Nothing is free.
All of us have what may appear to be "vested interests" to others,
while we regard them as simply normal assumptions.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful.

Stan Gilliam
Stan Gilliam
(oops. Can't backtrack to correct redundancies!!)