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Thu, 15 Feb 1996 17:33:12 -0500

In response to both the note from Films Inc and the woman who wanted one
stop Public Performance Rights clearences, Sorry but it is never going to
Stop thinking of this as video and think of it as film because home video
has nothing to do with Public Performance Rights. A Films Inc CAMPUS
CONNECTION is fine for campus entertainment programming,but not for
academic purposes such as putting a class on CCTV. I will not bother to
repeat everything in the last note I wrote on this, suffice to say so long
as your professors stick to main stream studio product on the last five
years, no problem, if however they use a CHAPLIN film, CITIZEN KANE, 81/2,
Wuthering Heights, Breathless etc, there is a problem.
I can tell you that licencing an average film survey course would require
about 8 different companies in the US and maybe 5 overseas. GOOD LUCK

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