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>At 03:11 PM 2/13/96 -0800, Semper wrote:
>>I'd like to know how those of you with videocassette collections are dealing
>>with campus-wide closed-circuit cable-tv systems. How are you handling
>>feature film use? Our system was completed this past fall and we have four
>>open channels for instructional use. Now,the existence of a feature film
>>collection on 1/2"VHS is a problem. I'd like to hear what you are doing.
Greetings videolib recipients. I have been reading with great interest the
discussion regarding the use of copyrighted works over your closed circuit
cable systems. To begin with, there has been a great deal of speculation
and misinformation, some of which has been offered by people who have no
awareness of the current collegiate cable system offerings for the use of
feature films (movies) in the U.S.

Many of you know that there are basically only 2 "major" distributors that
have the right to license movies to colleges and universities in the U.S.,
Films Incorporated, and Swank Motion Pictures. While there are smaller
distributors like Kino, Samuel Goldwyn, October Films and others; the fact
remains that better than 75% of all U.S. theatrical releases are handled
and can be licensed for your campus cable systems by either Films
Incorporated or Swank. The studio breakdown is as follows: Swank handles:
Warner Bros., Universal, MGM/UA, Buena Vista, Grammercy. Films
Incorporated handles: Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Columbia/Tri-Star
(SONY), New Line, Fine Line, Savoy.

Films Incorporated has had in the U.S. market for the past two and half
years CAMPUS CONNECTION VIDEO, a specific program designed for colleges and
universities to use movies over their cable systems. In addition to
movies, Films Incorporated can license over 300 other educational titles
that we hold the rights on, e.g. Space Age, The Prize, The Civilization
series and many other educational programs and series that your school may
already own.

Finally, a note about public performance and the copyright law. Many
libraries and media centers have for years purchased tapes with public
performance rights. Depending on whom you purchased the programs from and
what "specifically" was included in those public performance rights, you
may or may NOT have the purchased the right to perform/transmit them over
your cable systems. I would be happy to send anyone who requests it a four
page outline that explains the copyright law complete with the classroom
exemption. No feature films (movies) from the major Hollywood studios
listed above are offered for purchase with public performance rights.

In general, the classroom exemption ONLY APPLIES for "face to face teaching
with the teacher and the registered members of a class" and does NOT
inlcude the right to transmit the programming over a closed circuit cable
system. This is especially true when students and others in the campus
community have access to the channel the copyrighted works are being
transmitted over (that constitutes a PUBLIC PERFORMANCE & a license is
required.) As your legal counsels will advise should you ask them, and
because there is the very real liability from many interested parties, not
the least of which are the Hollywood studios mentioned above and companies
like HBO, Showtime, etc...

To request the copyright information please reply directly to:
Check out our web page at:
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