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Wed, 14 Feb 1996 13:53:02 -0700 (MST)

Naomi Tirosh writes:

>One of our Communication faculty member is looking for a video
>about A man who brought Aids to the world. He doesn't know the
>right name. Does anybody heard or know about it?

The name of the man is Gaetan Dugas. He is commonly referred to
as "Patient Zero".

While it is not accurate to describe him as the "man who brought
AIDS to the world", he was instrumental in its spread in the
western world. (Seems that Dugas had embodied a combination of
factors quite beneficial to the spread of a sexually transmitted
disease: he was considered very attractive, he had a hearty
sexual appetite and was very active with multiple sex partners,and
working as a flight attendant, traveled considerably.)
Epidemiologists trying to determine the root cause of mysterious
deaths when AIDS first appeared in the U.S. tracked many of the
first known infections back to Dugas. Randy Shilts documented
Dugas' role in the spread of AIDS in his book "And the Band Played On".

Dugas is also depicted in the made-for-TV version of Shilts' book.

"60 Minutes" ran a segment on Dugas. Perhaps this is what Naomi's
faculty member is searching for. Sorry, I don't recollect the
date. "60 Minutes" segments are readily available; CBS also
operates an archive dubbing service. Another source might
Vanderbilt University's TV News Archive.

The following information is from Corinne Smith's "I Saw it On
TV: Guide to Broadcast Programming Sources"

"60 Minutes" programs beginning from 1991 to the present are
available on home video from CBS Video, P O Box 2054, South
Burlington VT 05407; phone (800) 848-3256 or fax (802) 864-9846.
For videos with public performance rights (at $69.95 each), call
Ambrose Video. Pre-1991 shows which are not available from
Ambrose Video Publishing must be special ordered from Neal
Waldheim in the CBS Archives at the address above. He doesn't
take phone orders, but messages may be left at (212) 975-2875.

Hope this information helps.


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