Re: Closed circuit tv systems

Becky Albitz (
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 11:28:44 EST

New York University also has a closed-cable system, and has four
channels dedicated to feature films (I think four, maybe two) They do
not use the 1/2 video collection housed in the library, but obtain
copies from Films Incorporated. Swank would be another option.
Hope this helps.

Becky Albitz
Librarian for Media and the Performing Arts
New York University

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> Subject: Closed circuit tv systems

> Greetings:
> I'd like to know how those of you with videocassette collections are dealing
> with campus-wide closed-circuit cable-tv systems. How are you handling
> feature film use? Our system was completed this past fall and we have four
> open channels for instructional use. Now,the existence of a feature film
> collection on 1/2"VHS is a problem. I'd like to hear what you are doing.