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Speaking from the distributor ( rights holder ) point of view, CCTV may be
a lot more trouble than it is worth. If you buy a licence from Films inc. &
SWANK you might cover a large portion of standard studio films. However you
would also need a couple of dozen other licences from a variety of
companies (TURNER for RKO titles like Citizen Kane, Goldwyn for their
films, New Yorker Etc) than if you had a licence with every known
distributor or rights holder of videos, you still couldn't show thousands
of films whose rights holders are overseas or are merely individuals (for
example all Charlie Chaplin features except THE GOLD RUSH must be licenced
by the estate in Paris, Almost all of WIm Wenders films must be licenced by
his company in Germany, A HARD DAYS NIGHT would be licenced by the
producer Walter Schensen who lives in LA, etc). The point I am making is
that you can only licence a fraction of your collection and if a professor
wants to put his class titles on CCTV he is going to be awfully limited in
the titles he can use since a disproportionate number of films used
academically have complicated rights problems ( take my word for it).

Speaking for my company (Kino) we usually charge around $100- $200 for
CCTV rights depending on the situation. I do get a little annoyed when we
get requests to do this for nothing. professors already have the classroom
exemption to use the films in their classes but this does not cover a
broadcast over a campus wide system. Last month a media person told me that
the reason they wanted the CCTV rights was so that the students could watch
the films " in the comfort of their dorms" ( they wanted the rights for

In any event broadcast rights are more than a bit complicated and
unless you want to both spend a lot of money and still not be able to clear
hundreds if not thousands of titles in your collection, it is probably not
worth it.

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