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David Kirk (
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 08:01:59 +0800

> The _Fires of Kuwait_ has been done in an IMAX format version.
>I do not have a lead to a distributor but, I have seen it in an IMAX
>theater. I saw the _Fires of Kuwait_ (in IMAX) at the U.S. Air Force
>Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, in Dayton, Ohio. I do not know if the
>program is still being shown at the Air Force Museum.
> The following address might enable the original poster to find a
>source for an IMAX format version of the _Fires of Kuwait_:
> Captain Patrick A.Champ
> USAF Museum
> WPAFB, OH 45433
>Best Wishes,
>Steven L. Cassel
>State Library of Ohio
>65 S. Front St., Room 502
>Columbus, OH 43215

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This film is available on laserdisc from Lumivision and you could also try
MPI for video.

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