Need Help for History Mater

Marsha Korobkin (
8 Feb 1996 12:38:07 -0800

Thanks in advance for any assistance in locating the producers and/or
distributors of any of the following materials. Most I have a lead on a
company, but have been unable through common sources to find a phone number.
I often get requests from teachers, who obviously give me incomplete
information and frequently do not bring home catalogs from conferences.

1) Genbaku Shl: Killed by the Atomic Bomb -- Is this still distributed? We
have a listing for Casey G. Williams as the distributor, but can't find a

2) American Journey 1896-1945. Newlaser. We think this is a CD-ROM, but are
unable to locate contact info for the company.

3) Beyond the Wall. Magnet Interactive Studios. Another CD-ROM with the same
problem as above.

4) Civil War CD-ROM. Newlaser.

5) Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties. Newmedia. May be software of some type.

6) Normandy: The Great Crusade. Discovery Communications. We could not get
an answer from either of these two numbers: 301-986-1999 or 800-762-2189. We
think this may be a CD-ROM

7) World Religions. Quanta. May be a CD-ROM.

8) A House Divided: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Grafica Multimedia, Inc.

9) Know any good 2-part videos on FDR?

10) How Baseball Began. Kaleidoscope.

11) Not in Our Town. Don't know the format.

12) Wilbur and Orville: Dreams of Flying. VHS.

Thanks again in advance. Leads on any of these will be most appreciated.

Marsha Korobkin
Audiovisual Services Coordinator
San Diego City Schools