Video Inspection

Jim Glenn (
Tue, 6 Feb 1996 13:25:46 -0800

We have about 2500 video tapes and do not clean them becaue we don't have
room for the cleaning machine. We have alot of videos that have been here
for many years. I've found that the VHS and Beta tapes hold up very well
over the course of time and the first to die seem to always be the U-matics.
Unfortunately, as Carol Dunn mentioned, the oxides on the tape wear out with
age and you lose the video. We have a group of professors who, some how, get
big grants to buy whatever videos they want. They buy the expensive ones
that cost $300 - $400 apiece and are 15 minutes or less long. They don't buy
titles that other faculty want to use for classroom instruction. They buy
the ones that they want to archive. Sometime down the road the oxides on the
tapes will deteriorate and the videos will be gone. I think the future of
video will give us films on CD size discs (maybe even getting smaller) so
there won't be the hassle of cleaning, inspecting and replacing titles. So
hang in there Carol!

Jim Glenn
Head, Media Library
University of California, Riverside