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Gary Handman ((no email))
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 11:49:18 -0800

Hi, crew. I'm forwarding this interesting scholarly plea...if you can help,
pls correspond directly with Mr. High (not with videolib or with me).


Gary Handman
UC Berkeley

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I am Professor of Film and Literatutre at Nagoya University, Japan. I have just discovered
through Internet the existence of your War Movies and War Propaganda Section in your Media
Resources Center and since I am a specialist in wartime Japanese warfilm I am anxious to make
contact with anyone there with similar interests. My recently-published book in Japanese --TEIKOKU
NO GINMAKU (THE IMPERIAL SCREEN:The Fifteen Years War and Japanese Cinema)--has won the Chunichi
Culture Prize and was shortlisted fpor the Mainichi Culture Prize. If you don`t have a copy of the
book, I would be delighted to provide you with one. But more impoortantly, I am anxious to
communicate with like-minded scholars in allied fields. Would you be so kind as to pass on my
message to anyone you think might be interested?
Peter B. High