Re:Video Inspection

David Kirk (
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 11:17:14 +0800

Here at UCSC we have approximately 3000 titles. We have just purchased an
RTI cleaning machine (no inspection -- just the basic cleaning unit) and
are very satisified with its operation. In our Media Center we have 18 VHS
viewing stations which are cleaned each week with a head-cleaning tape; if
any machine "eats" a tape we pull it from service until we can determin
whether it is the tape or the machine that is malfunctioning.
We clean each tape as it is returned to our desk; only faculty are allowed
to check out materials for class use. We have a very busy in-house reserve
video system and process about 2000 tapes per month in this fashion. The
machine takes only a few minutes to clean the tape, r emoving random dirt
particles, etc. This past summer we cleaned the entire collection. So
far so good.

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