Stanford Prison Experiment -Reply

Carole Clemens (
Thu, 01 Feb 1996 14:40:01 -0700

We had a most difficult time purchasing this
video. Finally made contact with the secretary
for the Psychology department at Stanford
University. Dr. Philip Zimbardo made the tape
and was also supplying copies for interested
parties. At the time we bought our copy it was
dated 1988 and included the title QUIET

I regret that I can't give you more information
than the above.

Carole Clemens
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02/01/96 01:26pm >>>
I'm trying to locate a video on the early 70s
Stanford Prison Experiment and
I believe it was with prison guards. Any help
would be appreciated.

also, does anyone know the video Hangman
which is on prejudice or something similiar.

Thanks for your help.
Jane B. Hutchison
William Paterson College of NJ e-mail: