Re: Outreach video service

Ralph Huntzinger (
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 11:17:02 -0800 (PST)

At KCLS, our TLC (Traveling Library Center or tender loving care, not
total lack of concern) unit has around 1500 tapes which compares to our
small libraries with around 2000 tapes. Circ period is "to next visit"
which translates to 2 weeks for the retirement centers they visit twice a
month, 4 weeks for once a month, and 4 weeks for the homebound clients.
Normal circ period for videos in branches is 10 days. (Patrons may place
holds on all materials, so a video use could be 10 days plus 3-4 days
movement between libraries and waiting for pickup by patron; effectively,
a video circs 2-4 times per month, except in TLC.)

We have a small group (about 20 titles) of tapes which do not take
holds the first four months of circulation; these "Top Box titles"
normally check out for 2 days in the branches. TLC's homebound clients
get a mailer with these tapes and the request that "Top Box" are watched
first and then mailed back so TLC can cycle these quickly.
Representative "Top Box" titles currently are: "Casper", "Don Juan De
Marco", "While You Were Sleeping", and "Indian In the Cupboard".


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