Re: Video Inspection

Evanski, Betty (
Thu, 01 Feb 1996 12:29 EST



We have approximately 1,300 VHS videocassettes (RTI machine will
only clean VHS) we do not let our videocassettes be signed out to
students, only

on instructors approval. We do not clean them everytime they go out, we
do them when they are returned. Sometimes there will be 2 or sometimes 20
at a

time depending. I do have at least 2 student assistants on every hour and
it only takes 2 minutes to clean and inspect a video, so they can do
quite a few in a half hour. We are a medium size college with 2 campuses
and we do both

campuses. We still have a lot of videos on 3/4" U-Matic and trying to get

copyrite permission to downsize to VHS. If you need any other

I will be glad to answer if I can. Betty


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