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The abbreviated versions of "The New Media Bible" (book of Genesis) are
not as up-to-date looking as they were 10 years ago, but video purchasing
(like life) is a trade-off: along with streamlined material comes a
slimmed dwon price; the original series sold for over $200. My biggest
complaint was the packaging which emphasized that the contents were
"word-for-word," which is true except for the fact that we're talking
about word-for-word *excerpts*. For three one-hour videos at $39.95,
though, this is a decent purchase for general religious collections.

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On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, JENNIFER BAWGUS wrote:

> Randy,
> Thank you for all of the information on the videos The Genesis Project and
> Basketball Diaries. I was curious about your feelings on the new abveviated
> version of The Genesis Project. Is it worth purchasing? Is it similar to the
> long version?
> Jennifer