RE: Soapbox derby/"Body in Question"

Kristine Brancolini, 812/855-3710 (
Wed, 31 Jan 96 14:17:56 EWT

Hi Philip: Many apologies for being so silent. I keep reading your
messages when I'm on the way out the door or don't have time to reply for
some other reason.

Did your surgery really go well? How are you feeling?

I too would love to know how faculty use particular feature films in the
classroom. Sometimes it's obvious, but oftentimes--as in your ET example
--it's not. We talked about this in the ACRL Film etc. Discussion group
in San Antonio. Most faculty using feature films aren't teaching the
films themselves; they are using the films to teach something else. I have
written a book chapter on film/video resources on a book about using film
to teach structural violence. It's an interesting angle. And different from
film studies.

I'm swamped with work and have lots of little projects going--some of which
are fun but many are not. Rhonda's project is fun. I wish I had more time
to work on it right now, but we have some time. I'm glad I got to see her
in Long Beach over Christmas.

We missed you in San Antonio. However, you wouldn't have liked the conference.
Meetings, endless meetings. But VRT accomplished quite a bit. I'm feeling
more ready for New York. Yuck! I'm not looking forward to it. *You* can
stay with your brother. I'll be going broke in some overpriced hotel. I'm
feeling really negative about the conference there,but I think it's because
I may miss being with my family on the 4th. No fun! I'm not sure yet, but
I may have to go on Thursday. I'm hoping not to.

I promised I'll communicate more regularly. I'm reading _War_ by Duras. It
reminds me of you. I read another book over Christmas with a character that
reminded me of you. I told Rhonda about it. The guy is a rescuer of
laboratory animals--an animal rights activist. I told Rhonda that I see you
as a rescuer for some reason. Maybe it was just that the character reminded
me of you in other ways. Oh well. Are you a rescuer (not necessarily of
laboratory animals...)? (That should be 'promise' not 'promised' in the
first line. Sorry. Just noticed it.)

Take care of yourself. -- Kris