Body in Question

Wed, 31 Jan 1996 09:57:38 PST

I wonder, because of the age of "The Body in Question" if your requestor
would like to know that "I Am Joe's Heart" has been revised and is for

Also, regarding the use of films in the classroom, I will be teaching
a course on 'The Adult Experience" soon. Films will be used to show
adult 'passages' over time based on historical context. For example,
"Pride and Prejudice" (early 1800s), Oedipus Rex (about 350BC), I, Claudius or King Lear or Our Town or Avalon or City Slickers or? I won't, of course,
be able to show a whole film, just excerpts. However, documentaries,
non-fiction videos and films don't have the staging of fiction/feature
films. Does this help?