Soapbox derby/"Body in Question"

mundane matters (PDF@LOYOLA.EDU)
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 11:27:56 -0500 (EST)

Hey folks, I'm at home recovering from the second knee surgery (very
good so far, thank you very much) and I just checked my voice mail at
work and found this query. I know "The Body in Question" was a WGBH
production from 1978. I think I know it is no longer available for
purchase. But perhaps there is a rental or ILL source someone knows
off-hand? The episode we want in on the heart ("The Pump"?)

thanks for giving it a thought.

As for the soapbox bit, ala Jessica and copyright and feature film on
video and classrooms and appropriateness (sp.?) of use - well, whatever.
I don't have the energy!

What I would love to see discussed at some time on this list would be
great examples of feature film used in actual courses. For example,
we have here at Loyola College an instructor using "E.T.". I was
curious about the use, since the instructor is in the English Dept.
She explained that the topic of her course is images of women in film!
Now I was REALLY puzzled. But she went on to explain that she uses
roles of women portrayed in film for specific purposes. In the case of
E.T. the mother supposedly refuses to see the alien (or cannot see what
the children can) for reasons this instructor will explain in her
course. I'd like to sit in on that class.

The point is that video librarians often are clueless about the classroom.
It is not our fault, of course, and some of us cross the line regularly,
but it is good to suspend judgements on the use of film in the classroom.

The H-Film list is a great list to better understand the process of
teaching with film as well as teaching film, if anyone is interested.
I don't have the subscription info. handy here [but I know our wonderful
list manager has it at his fingertips] but that is my luxury of the moment!


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