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Penn State has Best Boy in its rental collection. (See listing below)
You can order by calling the 800 # at the end of this message. You can
search our catalog by webbing to the URL at the end of this message, click
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>2. Best Boy - An award-winning documentary about a mentally retarded
>adult who learns about independent living. 104 minutes VHS 1979 produced
>by Ira Wohl, and no longer distributed by International Film Exchange.

> Edith Ramlow
> LIS Student, USF, Tampa, FL
> Media Services Supv., Saint Leo College, Saint Leo, FL

Title Best Boy (90118)
Physical Color; sound
Copyrighted 1979
Length 104:00 min
Distributor Documentary Films, Inc (*DOCFI)
Audience SCA

Synopsis The story of the filmmaker's fifty-two-year-old cousin Philly,
retarded since birth, and of his journey toward
independence from parents who have sheltered him throughout
his life. The effect that special journey has on all their
lives is depicted in this documentary, filmed during a
three-year period. Directed and produced by Ira Wohl. Blue
Ribbon winner, American Film Festival, and Academy Award

Subjects Family; Disabilities, Mental; Sociology(CSOC)

Holdings 16mm, 1 copy, Rent $79.00
VHS, 1 copy, Rent $23.00

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