Re: Video Inspection

Evanski, Betty (
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 09:42 EST


Hi Sally,

We clean and inspect our videos everytime they are returned from

being used, when they go back on our shelves we know that each and

every video will be in good condition before it is signed out. If

your video goes to someone who has a dirty or bad VCR, our cleaner

is cleaning off the oxide and grime that their VCR left on the tape.

We have the RTI Cleaning and Inspecting machine. We have been very

pleased with it, we have had it for a few years now and have had no

at all. It is great when someone brings back a damage tape and says

got a bad tape from us, in the meantime we have a print out card telling

us it was in excellent condition when they signed it out.

I am also curious to see how others maintain their collection.



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