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Tue, 30 Jan 96 15:43:00 EWT

We are buying this video to support the teaching of children's
literature, since it is based upon a well-known children's novel.
I imagine that a school might buy it for the same reason, to
compare with the novel. Besides, any feature film you could name
might be used as part of an academic curriculum, depending upon
the course of study. Even high schools teach popular culture...

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries

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I think Joel is mistaken.
Home use only video may be shown in a classroom because of the face-to
face teaching EXEMPTION to the copyright law, but only if the video is
part of a for-credit course curriculum, etc.
It is a violation if they are shown as entertainment, or to kill time
while the teacher is away.
I wonder why any school would need to purchase a copy of Indian in the Cupboard unless its for entertainment, or as part of a video collection to be
checked out.
I someone seriously using this film as part of an academic curriculum?