Re: Video Inspection

Ralph Huntzinger (
Tue, 30 Jan 1996 11:54:44 -0800 (PST)

We're definitely not one of the few specialized, PP only, exclusively
offering expensive video libraries (only several hundred $600- $1000
tapes); but:

For practical reasons we only clean/inspect (at our Service Center, not
the 49 branches) when we get comment about tape not working OR when the
media staff goes out and does a special weed/update/etc. on the
collection. This results in saving some and throwing out a lot of damaged
copies; one useful part of weeding a collection the size of KCLS' is wear
and tear (how many copies of "Shindler's List" does one need? What is the
acceptable cost per circ before a tape is "paid for"?).

However, (using our experience of handling thousands per year) IF I had
the machine in a specialized library, I'd inspect "expensive" video every
circ or at least every other circ BECAUSE 1) the inspection process is
automatic and multitasking (staff do other work while letting machine do its
thing), 2) an inexpensive staff member can do the work, and 3) cost of
prolonging life of "expensive" video offsets miniscule staff cost.

We all know that video tape is still fragile when placed in unknown
VCRs and (at least the RTI machine) cleaning/inspection does often extend
the life of a tape.

opinionated as always, Ralph