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Becky Carolus (
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 15:01:53 -0400

Obedience is still very much in print. Copies of it can be procured from
Penn State Media Sales, University Support Building II, University Park, PA
16802; 814-863-3102; 800-770-2111; or Tom McKenna is
the person in charge of the operation, but Alice Jones at this number can
also be of help.

Please be sure to indicate to Tom or Alice that this is a replacement copy.
Last I knew Tom was offering discounts on replacements.

The following is up-to-date information:

Title Obedience (40149)
Physical Black and White/Monochrome; sound
Copyrighted 1969
Length 45:00 min
Distributor Penn State PCR (PSUPCR)
Audience CA

Synopsis Documents Stanley Milgram's classic research on obedience to
authority, based on candid footage shot at Yale University.
Subjects are told to administer electric shocks of
increasing severity to another person. Both obedient and
defiant reactions are shown, and subjects explain their
actions after the experiment. This is the only authentic
film footage of Milgram's famous experiment.

Holdings 16mm, 27 copies, Rent $47.50, Sale $550.00
3/4 U-mat, Sale $425.00
VHS, 6 copies, Rent $35.00, Sale $310.00

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