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>Does anyone know who distributes this title?

Vide-O-Go offers the title(s) through our direct distribution relationship
with The Discovery Channel... Here's the info:

Volume 1: Evolution & Perception
Travel to the dawn of time to explore the texture of thought of our remote
ancestors. Then journey inside a living brain at work.
Item #24238 $19.95

Volume 2: Memory/Miraculous Mind
True Tales of damaged brains reveal the intricacies of memory and the
remarkable ability of the brain to recover and function despite substantial
tissue loss.
Item #24239 $19.95

Volume 3: Matter Over Mind
Consciousness, creativity, the emotions, our sense of self - are these all
the products of biochemistry? Science explores the mysterious role of the
neurotransmitter, serotonin, in search of answers.
Item #24240 $19.95

Vide-O-Go also offers the above volumes in a Deluxe Boxed Set
Item #24237 $49.95

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